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The Governing Body is the highest administrative body of the institution. Usually, it meets twice a year and in extraordinary situations, the emergent meeting of the Governing Body can be initiated either by the President or the Secretary.

The important functions of the Governing Body as per the Assam Provincialized Colleges and Assam Non-Government College Management Rules, 2001 (as amended up-to-date) are ...

  • To monitor academic and other related activities of the college;

  • To review important communications, policy decisions or any other similar notices received from the University, Government including the policy decisions of the Autonomous Council, Dima Hasao District;

  • To look after the proper financial management of the college;

  • To review the audited statements of accounts of the college if and when required;

  • To consider the introduction of new courses and changes in intake for the next academic year;

  • To review the Memorandum of Understanding agreed upon and Research and Industry collaboration proposals;

  • To review the faculty positions of the college;

  • To review the faculty development initiatives and programs along with reviewing the teachers' performance in the teaching-learning process;  

  • To review the admissions process of the college from time to time;

  • To review the academic performance of the students.


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