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National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) 

NAAC Steering Committee of Maibang Degree College was formed on 01-11-2017 by a resolution adopted in a general meeting of IQAC with the faculty members of the college. The first NAAC Steering Committee was formed with following


Sri Dibya Jyoti Hazarika, Principal i/c


Sri Sujit Kumar Sinha, HoD, Political Science

Assistant Coordinators:

Sri Pijush Kanti Acharya, Hod, History

Dr Amitabha Goswami, Assistant Prof., Bengali


Sri Sanjay Singh, HoD, English

Shri Dadul Borah, HoD, Sociology

Dr Jonali Das, HoD, Education

The NAAC Steering Committee of the college was changed thrice till now. The present committee is formed as follows.



Sri Sujit Kumar Sinha, Principal i/c


Shri Dadul Borah, HoD, Sociology

Joint Coordinators:

Sri Ankur Kumar Das, Assistant Prof., English

Dr Amitabha Goswami, Associate Prof., Bengali

Convenor (Criterion I):

Mrs Junu Devi, Assistant Prof., English

Convenor (Criterion II):

Dr Brajen Bhattacharyya, Associate Prof., History

Convenor (Criterion III):

Dr Jonali Das, HoD, Education

Convenor (Criterion IV):

Sri Pijush Kanti Acharya, HoD, History

Convenor (Criterion V):

Sri Nirmal Sinha, Associate Prof., Economics

Convenor (Criterion VI):

H Basanta Kumar Singha, Associate Prof., Sociology

Convenor (Criterion VII):

Dr Mithilesh Chakraborty, HoD, Bengali

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