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About Us

An Education Institute at the Valley of Assam’s Hill Queen Beautiful Dima Hasao.

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Our Journey

Established on the 5th of September 1988, Maibong Degree College is one of the Premier Institutions in the field of higher education in the Dima Hasao District of Assam.


The college has been playing a very significant role in promoting higher education among the people of Maibang Sub-Division. Effective and relevant measures are being taken to cope with a view to preparing the students to meet the challenges of changing times. The college has a total geographical area of 100 biogas of land.


The college is well equipped with an Administrative Building, separate co Departmental common rooms, Astern type and two stoned building with digitalized classrooms, a Digital Library, Boys & Girls common rooms, NCC and NSS offices, Students’ Union Office and also a operate Botanical garden covering an area of 12 big has of land maintained by North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council among others.


With the dedicated efforts & sacrifices of great personalities, a huge no’s of students with great personalities have come up with undergraduate degrees in arts.

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